Get paid for your ideas

Ever have a great idea for a Android or iPhone application, but don’t have the skills, time, or funds to make it happen? Bring your ideas to The Inventionist, and we will make a professional quality app based on your original idea!

The 4 steps to app creation

Idea Submission

Ideas submitted to The Inventionist will be discussed and go through an approval process. If approved, your idea will be publicly displayed for discussion and support from the community!


Crowd Support

Ideas at this stage have a rough design created, and become available for anyone in the community to discuss, fund, or vote on popular features and usability of the app.


App Creation

With enough support, an app will go into the production stage. Regular progress reports will be posted, and support continues for an app until release, allowing users to influence the final product.


Public Release

After completing an app, it will be publicly released in all app stores, and incentives will be paid out as they become available. Discussion will continue for future updates or problems encountered with the app.